The fee for a typical 90-minute initial consultation or new patient visit is $450, covering diagnostic assessment and formulation of treatment recommendations, and when applicable, the initiation of treatment. Sometimes, a second session may be necessary to complete the tasks involved in the initial session. In relatively complex presentations, a longer intake session is preferable and this may allow us to complete the initial consultation in a single session. All new patients are asked to fill out a set of pre-visit forms electronically before they are seen.  A portion of these forms covers necessary formalities such as demographic, contact, and insurance information, certain consents, notices and policies.  The rest will gather clinically relevant information from you including a set of questionnaires, scales or inventories that are meant to be filled out by the patient on his or her own, and are tailored for him or her based on the telephone conversation arranged prior to the initial visit. Completing these forms may take up to 60 minutes.  All new patient appointments are made following an introductory phone conversation.

Dr. Duzyurek provides a spectrum of professional services in the subsequent visits, and fees for these services vary depending on the time commitment required and the nature of the service provided, or how many different clinical components are covered ("complexity").  For most patients, the fee for follow-up and treatment sessions is $300.  (On a case-by-case basis, this fee may be reduced to $250 if the treatment plan involves weekly therapy sessions.) This fee differs for more specialized or longer treatment sessions, such as ketamine treatments.  In order to inquire about fees for particular services and treatment modalities, please call Dr. Duzyurek or contact the office. The charge for telepsychiatry sessions are the same as the corresponding in-person session fees.

In order to provide personalized care without sacrificing the irreducable attention and amount of time required to dedicate for high-quality and thorough evaluation and treatment, and for fostering and maintaining a full therapeutic relationship, Dr. Duzyurek practices independent of insurance plans, and therefore he is an out-of-network provider with all insurance plans.  At each visit, you will be given an itemized and fully coded patient statement ("superbill") that contains all of the required information for you to submit a claim for a reimbursement in order to take advantage of your out-of-network insurance benefits.  

All fees are due at the time of service and payment may be made in several alternative ways such as cash or check for in-person visits, and G-pay, Apple Pay, a debit or credit card for either in-person or tele-visits. 

OFFICE HOURS: In-person or tele-visits are scheduled Tuesday through Thursday 12 AM through 7 PM.  Fridays 1 PM through 6 PM. The latest patient appointment slot is at 6 PM Tuesday-Thursday; and 5 PM on Fridays. Monday appointments are available for only televisits 2 PM through 5 PM, but in-person visits may be available on Mondays in some instances. 

Missed appointments and appointments that are cancelled with a shorter-than-24-hr notice are charged in full.